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Chip Brienza

Chip Brienza photo

Chip Brienza came to Classical WETA 90.9 FM after more than 14 years as a familiar voice on former classical music station WGMS. A native New Yorker, he came to Washington while serving as an Air Force linguist assigned to the National Security Agency. While there, he also became a traveling chef of sorts, demonstrating culinary talents in the homes of friends and colleagues, sometimes with unexpected results - he once made an exploding lasagna, but that's another story.

An actor and singer as well as a broadcaster, Brienza's film credits include Twelve Monkeys with Bruce Willis and John Waters' Serial Mom. On television, Brienza has guest starred on Matlock, co-starred with Avery Brooks in A Man Called Hawk, and played reporter Ross Nichols in the NBC series Homicide. He appears in HBO's The Wire and an action scene with Michael Douglas in the film, The Sentinel.

Brienza's stage credits include Ford's Theatre, where he appeared in Kudzu, a musical based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip, and the comedy Beau Jest. At the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts he sang with the then Washington Opera among other groups.

When not performing, Brienza is renovating a 160-year old house in a small town on the Old National Road. In his spare time he gardens; when there's no time to spare he just weeds.